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Our Story



TanHim was founded in Delhi in 1999 with an idea to bring high quality home decor products to India. The shop situated in nook corner of Shahpurjat is one to discover and fall in love with array of colours , textures & designs.

 Its run by mother - daughter duo , Ruby Bhardwaj & Tannushree Ratta. Who constantly work together to create a collection of home decor that is a mix of modern & contemporary designs. 

 We do a wide variety of cushions , runners, table mats , bedspreads. We are also happy to customise as per our clients space & needs.

 We design TanHim pieces to be treasured and hope that they bring you joy and happiness for many years to come.


 What does “ TANHIM “ mean ?


Ruby Bhardwaj has kept the name of her store from the first three letters of her children ‘ Himanshu & Tannushree ‘.


Tannushree has studied in finance from Delhi university. With all the holidays she has got in her college time, she closely worked with her mother to create something new and interesting. 


Later she realised she always wanted to do something creative. So she studied from NIFT Delhi to continue her passion for creativity. Ultimately starting her passion with her mothers store and taking over it completely.


Tannushree is serious about design and has strong opinion on aesthetics. She believes every product should elicit joy and colour.


(She also gets uncomfortable speaking about herself in third person.)